12.15.2010 Bento – Flower Power

6 Jan

12.15.2010 Bento - Tidy Flower Power

I am going to post a few more recently prepared bento until I “catch up” to current Bento of the Day…

Probably not the best packed or healthy bento I have ever made, but super quick and fun to make.  I really like to use leftovers because it (usually) means at least part of the lunch is home cooked.

This particular bento was made from leftovers from a local burger joint that we enjoy from time to time.  My girl rarely eats all of her food when we go out, so we save everything that I think I can cut a shape from.  Makes it a little easier to justify buying her her own o-friendly* meal when both of us grownups are wanting far-out foods.  I simply took the burger and punched 3 flowers out and arranged them with ‘tater tots to stabilize the burger flowers and catchup.

*Let me clarify that the kid eats a pretty wide variety of food – partly inborn, partly because of constant exposure, and partly because of Bento – especially where veggies are concerned.  She usually just eats whatever we are having… which makes it even easier to pack her lunches.


  • Quickly use flat-ish leftovers like sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, etc. by simply cutting shapes with small cookie cutters.
  • To keep things speedy, I prep veggies or simply buy ready-to-eat veggies. I wash and prep them as soon as I get them home so that when I am packing a lunch, I am not also having to deal with prepping veggies.  I do the same with fruit.
  • I buy 3 or 4 different veggies and 2 or 3 different fruits and use them in different combination throughout the week to reduce waste (use it all up), encourage me to use seasonal produce, and to take some of the guesswork (and time) out of packing the bento.

Ingredient List: pre-cut carrot chips, sugar snap peas, blueberries, leftover hamburger flowers, leftover ‘tater tots, catchup

Tools: divided Tupperware container, small silicone cup dividers, small plastic flower cookie cutter


One Response to “12.15.2010 Bento – Flower Power”

  1. Terri January 7, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Wow! Who on earth would have ever thought that a leftover hamburger patty could look appetizing and fun to eat?? I’m impressed, seriously.

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