1.2.2011 – Tomato & Corn Flowers and Cookie Cutter Duck

10 Jan

Try New Things Ducky

One of the things that I learned in probably 3rd grade, and then all over again from another Bento site was the the bigger variety of color in your meal, the more healthy and nutritious.  Bento sites and books seem to “preach” this idea quite a bit, and I am a believer.

I was going for color with this particular bento.  It gave me the gentle nudge I needed to include a veggie my kiddo doesn’t normally eat (tomatoes) and use one of the items from my Christmas bento haul… the small candy eye.

I also always try to incorporate a variety of textures.  O recently saw a Sesame Street “Word on the Street” Podcast… the word was crunchy.  We have been talking about what is crunchy, so I included a couple of crunchy things (pita chips and sugar snap peas) so we could have a conversation about the crunchy things in her lunch.

I got the idea for the tomato and corn flower from another bento site. (Would love to give out credit here, but I simply can’t find the site that I saw this technique.) You simply remove the “goo” from a cherry tomato half and full the resulting 4 chambers with corn.  She loves corn, so I thought it might entice her to try the tomato.  She didn’t end up eating the tomato, but enjoyed pulling out the corn from its “holder.”  I will make them again and hopefully she will try the tomato one of these days.

Ingredient List: hummus, pita chips, cream cheese and turkey sandwich, candy eye, blueberries, sugar snap peas, tomato and corn flowers, cheese cubes

Tools: divided bento box, small silicone cup divider, large metal duck cookie cutter


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