1.3.2011 – Apple Bunny

13 Jan

Apple Bunny Bento

This was a fun lunch that O and I worked on together.  She cutout the cheese shapes with the Japanese Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters that I got for a Very Bento Christmas. O loves to help with just about anything we are doing and  I try to let her help as much as possible.  She always seems to eat better when I incorporate her in my Bento.

The apple bunny isn’t difficult to make if you have a good paring knife.  I used another method for this apple bunny where the ears lay down, but it somehow turned out looking like a scarab beetle.  Next time I will use the tutorial I found at Lunch in a Box… http://lunchinabox.net/2007/12/13/how-to-make-apple-rabbits/

Ingredient List: blueberries (under the apple bunny), apple bunny, star shaped rice cake, small leftover egg roll, leftover teriyaki chicken, corn, sugar snap peas, and co-jack cheese cutouts

Tools: divided Tupperware container, small and large silicone cup dividers, Japanese stainless vegetable cutters, Wüshof paring knife, rice mold


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