1.6.2011 Bento – Checkerboard Apple

24 Jan

Checkers Anyone?

Here is a simple bento made mostly with leftovers.  Not really a co-hesive meal, but little O ate it all up!  I cut some leftover pizza into flowers and placed them on top of a bed of sushi rice that I pushed into the bottom of the larger divided container. (Now one thing that would have been really cute would be cutting the pizza into disks instead of flowers, so they looked like mini pizzas or checkers.)

I was interested in decorating the apple somehow, but wanted to do something besides apple bunnies. I found some inspiration and instructions on Just Bento all about cutting apples.   Apple Bunnies and More: Decorative Apple Cutting Techniques (Note that you need a GOOD, SHARP paring knife.  )

Ingredient List: checkerboard apple, blueberries (under the apple), leftover sushi rice (under the pizza flowers), leftover pizza flowers, sugar snap peas, and leftover corn

Tools: divided bento box, small silicone cup dividers, Japanese stainless vegetable cutters, Wüshof paring knife


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