TopicFail Friday: Snow Ice Cream

4 Feb

Living in Dallas, Texas means snow doesn’t come along all that often.  When we do get snow, I can’t help it… Snow = Snow Ice Cream!

Today’s post will be a pictorial “how to” describing the art of how my family makes Snow Ice Cream – in 10 easy steps!


Step 1 – Gather Your Ingredients

  • Giant Bowl of Snow
  • Good Mexican Vanilla
  • Sugar
  • Evaporated (or Condensed) Milk

Evaporated Milk

Step 2 – Pour in a can of Evaporated Milk
Spreading out your ingredients as you pour them in will make it easier to stir later.


Step 3 – Pour in the Mexican Vanilla, four or five spalshes

Step 4 – Pour in Sugar, sprinkle liberally across the top of the snow

Heavy Cream

Step 4a – Remember that you have heavy cream in the fridge and add some of that in too for extra goodness (plus, that can of evaporated milk doesn’t look like enough for your giant bowl of snow)


Step 5 – Mix thoroughly (using  chopping and spreading motions)

Having a 2 year old to help stir will add extra flavor!


Step 6 – Taste thoroughly.


Step 7 – Pause for picture


Step 8 – Add magical sprinkles as suggested by 2 year old.  (See, I told you she was a flavor enhancer!)


Step 9 – Enjoy


Step 10 – Share – you know it will taste better if you share!  (that’s a lie… eat it all up!)


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