Who am I?

A teacher’s technology guru by day, top secret bento maker by night. (shhhh! don’t tell anyone)

Who am I not?

I guess I am not a lot of things, but mainly you should know that I am not a bento expert and don’t use traditional ingredients all the time and am still learning the “real” Japanese names for everything. (shhhh! don’t tell anyone)

Why LITTLEoBento?

My site is called LITTLEoBento since my “Little O” is my reason for bento-ing. Little obento, Little O Bento… get it?  (Ok, if you still don’t get it: Bentos are more formally called obento, my daughter’s name starts with an O and we affectionately call her Little O.  Now get it?)

Why Do I Bento? (a copy of my Hello World post)

I love, love, love being a mama.  I also love being creative and doing things like papercrafting, which is a snooty way of saying scrapbooking and card making.  One of those two things wasn’t happening.  Guess which one?  Ummm… yea, you just can’t ignore the mama thing.

So… one fateful day in May of 2010, I was surfing around and stumbled upon a blog (see the 1st entry in my Blogroll) and voilá… the perfect combination!  Scrapbooking with FOOD!  The kid has to eat, right?  She will probably eat more varieties of food if it is cute, right?  It can’t take THAT much time, right?  AND… I was hooked.

What is Here?

Some of my Bento have been great and some of them not so great.  Heck, my kid is 2 which gives me a pretty forgiving audience to try this new artform.

I will be posting

  • some of my previously made Bento… detailing what went right and wrong, how and why I did what I did, what I learned, etc.
  • pics and info in my ongoing quest to make Bento as often as possible
  • tips and tricks I learn along the way
  • info about the gadgets and supplies in my Bento making toolkit
  • off topic comedy provided by Little O herself

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