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Bentos B4 the Blog, part 4 of 4

6 Jan

Here is the last two of a few of the bento that I made and photographed before setting up this blog…

Breakfast and Lunch (August 11, 2010)


Handy breakfast

My kiddo will rarely eat breakfast at home, she’s just not hungry.  (Now in the car when we are about 10 minutes away it another story!)  I usually pack her something for breakfast and lunch.  Sometimes I am even industrious enough to make two bento, although with this particular breakfast I use the term more loosely than ever.  Mostly, the breakfast was just a conglomeration of what I had on hand.  At this point I was finally getting faster and had figured out that it was much nicer to do them at night after the wild one had gone to bed that in all the commotion of our morning.

Breakfast Ingredient List:  blueberry muffin, raspberries, toasted coconut covered goat cheese balls

Lunch Ingredient List:  gummy letters, carrots, leftover pan fried talapia, catchup, leftover mashed potatoes, grapes

Tools:  divided Tupperware and a snap-top container, small silicone cup dividers, Wüstof paring knife

Learn:  nothing much except how to put them together faster and pack tighter


Bentos B4 the Blog, part 3 of 4

5 Jan

Here is the third and fourth of a few of the bento that I made prior to the blog…

A REAL Bento Box

In a REAL Bento Box (August 8, 2010)

Not that my other containers weren’t working, but I got obsessed with buying a real bento box.  Because I wanted to lay hands on one before I bought it, I scoured the internet looking for a clue that might lead me to a local store… nada.  I looked at various “fancy” grocery stores… nada.  I literally drove myself nuts looking for one.  Then I found H-Mart, the mother of all asian markets in a suburb of the DFW metroplex. (cue the Angels singing)

That place is CRAZY and I got to go shopping by myself, a very rare occurrence.  I think I spent 3 hours in that store, but that is another post altogether!

So, I packed my first lunch into a REAL bento box! This doesn’t actually happen to be the one I packed… I think I bought it in May of 2010, but this picture was the first one I took with the new box.

Ingredient List:  spinach lasagna, grapes, pretzel fish, cheese sticks, raw green beans, carrots

Tools:  a REAL divided bento box, large and small silicone cup dividers, Wüstof paring knife


  • The Good: getting better at packing
  • The Bad: could have filled in spaces a bit better
  • The Ugly: pretzel fish probably need to be sealed so that they don’t get stale

Breakfast Bento

Breakfast bento

I also made a breakfast bento for the first time… in a REAL bento box.  Still could have packed better, but I got to use two of my NYC Japanese grocery acquisitions – a very cute, small forest creature bento box and a fancy sauce bottle. (The whole NYC Japanese grocery experience is definitely another post.)

Ingredient List:  pancakes, raspberries, syrup

Tools:  small bento box, small silicone cup divider, sauce container