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TopicFail Friday: The o in LITTLEoBento

7 Jan

Woman cannot live by Bento alone, right?  (Well, actually… maybe you can, but that doesn’t make my point, so I will just ignore it.)

I thought it would be fun to be off topic on Fridays, so this is TopicFail Friday!  This week’s TFF? Little o… the little wild thing that inspires a Mama to make fancy little lunches.

O is my 2.5 year old girl that is just a little bit bigger than life. Her most recent pastime is showing off her Yo Gabba Gabba “big girl panties” to just about everyone she runs across.  She spends her days making up little songs, dancing her way to and fro, and generally being overly dramatic. I think I have an artistic soul on my hands.  She also really enjoys getting to cook with Mom… the girl makes a mean scrambled egg.

I know she’s mine and its probably not an unbiased assessment, but I really and truly like my kid.  She is really enjoyable and certainly keeps life interesting.  She has a caring little spirit and we feel truly blessed to get to help her along her life’s path. I should also say that we are blessed with an awesome “village” of people that love her like nothin’ else.

When I’m tired and not super interested in making a fancy lunch, I will just think of her little question from yesterday… “Hey mama, can I see my super cool yunch (lunch) dat I gonna eat up today?”