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Bentos B4 the Blog, part 1 of 4

5 Jan

Here is the first of a few of the bento that I made and photographed (badly) way before setting up this blog…

My first Bento

The first "bento"

Bento #1 (March 25, 2010)

This was my very first attempt at making a bento.  I remember that I was so proud of it.  Now, I am almost ashamed to post it!  It was fun to use the divided Tupperware container that O got from her G-ma for her first Christmas. I didn’t really know it at the time, but it makes a great bento box and I use it all the time now.

Ingredient List:  pretzel skewered grapes, texmati rice, bell pepper divider, leftover orange chicken, edemame, bell pepper slices

Tools:  a Tupperware divided container, Wüstof paring knife


  • The Good: ingredients were nice and healthy and the girls ate it all up (alms0st), so mission one was accomplished
  • The Bad: poorly packed, too much space and things shifted around a bit; using bell pepper as a divider slightly colored and flavored the rice
  • The Ugly: never use a pretzel stick to skewer grape halves, first of all it tastes nasty (left totally uneaten) and secondly the pretzels disentigrated