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Why LITTLEoBento?

4 Jan

My site is called LITTLEoBento for two reasons.

Reason #1 – I have learned that Bento are more formally called obento.  The bento I make are little… so little obento.

Reason #2 –  We affectionately call my daughter Little O.  My “Little O” is my reason for bento-ing… so Little O Bento.

Clever, no?

Bento in upcoming posts… I promise!  I have to get all this “getting started” stuff out of the way first!


Why Do I Bento?

4 Jan

I love, love, love being a mama.  I also love being creative and doing things like papercrafting, which is a snooty way of saying scrapbooking and card making.  One of those two things wasn’t happening.  Guess which one?  Ummm… yea, you just can’t ignore the mama thing.

So… one fateful day in May of 2010, I was surfing around and stumbled upon a blog (see the 1st entry in my Blogroll) and voilá… the perfect combination!  Scrapbooking with FOOD!  The kid has to eat, right?  She will probably eat more varieties of food if it is cute, right?  It can’t take THAT much time, right?  AND… I was hooked.

And now, in an effort to chronicle my Bento and share my learning… I am blogging about it.  True obsession leads to a blog, no?